Chicago Celebrates Day of German Unity

200 guests at the Union League Club

On October 3, Mr. Wolfgang Drautz, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Dr. Rüdiger van den Boom, Director of the Goethe Institute, hosted some 200 guests at a festive gathering with a grand buffet at the Union League Club – Chicago’s most traditional club established in 1879 – to celebrate the Day of German Unity.

Vice Consul Winfried Voelkering (center), Christoph Lichtenfeld (on the right)
Vice Consul Winfried Voelkering (center), Christoph Lichtenfeld (on the right) with the BallinStadt poster. A painting by Chicago artist Roger Brown can be seen in the background

Hamburg was well represented at this prestigious event by Christoph Lichtenfeld and his family and by Gert Fresman, Secretary of the Hamburg-Chicago Förderverein. Several Chicago Hamburg Sister City Committee members, including Committee Chair, Rolf Achilles, also attended.

A large BallinStadt poster describing Hamburg as the gateway to the New World was prominently displayed at the entrance. Every guest entering the festival hall could see the poster and many dozens of eager guests helped themselves to BallinStadt and Hamburg information packets.

The reception took place in a great hall displaying one of the great collections of American art of the 19th century. It also showed the Club’s fi rst acquisition, a watercolor of the Kölner Dom from 1880. Consul General Drautz welcomed the guests and recalled the events which led to German unification. Most of the evening was spent over glasses of wine and beer discussing that what people at parties like to talk about most, others…